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I... absolutely think I stim but since I don't have an actual ADHD/other diagnosis (yet?) idk if I can talk about it without having to clarify or something orz

But like... What else am I supposed to call some of my Habits???

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@skarosian commented:
"as someone with a "professional" adhd diagnosis, i think it's fine for you to call it a stim! stimming isn't a neurodivergent-specific experience, anyone can stim and even some neurotypicals stim. its just a name for something you do to stimulate your senses so there's really no harm in calling your Habits stims :)"

Ohhhh I haven't really heard neutrotypical people say they stim, so it's good to know it's just a thing anyone can do :00 Thanks for telling me ;v;

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I conduct fear like electricity
A man-made monstrosity

Killer - The Hoosiers

I... absolutely think I stim but since I don't have an actual ADHD/other diagnosis (yet?) idk if I can talk about it without having to clarify or something orz

But like... What else am I supposed to call some of my Habits???

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nya or whatever

I can't stop saying the word "babe" in my mind but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by calling them babe since I've never done that before. But sometimes words just Stick to my Mind so like, lol,

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update of an old oc, river

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Needed to test out a new brush and the UI of my updated CSP so I asked for cat pics and then it turned into gifts for friends lol

I'm going to TRY to start using my Toyhouse account For Real soon, I still need to write character descriptions and stuff but uhm ^^ here: https://toyhou.se/timeskip

I also have a few minor characters from my OC universe that aren't there, but that's mostly because I don't 100% know what I want to do with them + they have no designs (which, to be fair, Mother Nature doesn't either and she's there??? But whatever. Olive DOES have a design but I don't have any digital pics so she also has no design there... F)

I ALSO (not on Toyhouse yet) have a character who I made exclusively to put cute outfits on? Kind of accidentally made it. She's in no way related to my OC universe though so lmao idk what to do with her. Her name is Vivi, I've drawn her a few times, and she's very cute!!! Vivi goes by she/it/meow pronouns, so if/when I talk about meow I'll try to mix up meows pronouns. I've never had a character who goes by it/its and I'm personally uncomfortable with that set being used for me, but hopefully by using them for Vivi I can become more comfortable using them for people who want to use it/its, because that kind of thing is important!!!

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anyone ordered some fries

Topaz: I love you and support you even if you're being evil.

Tempest: I'm not even being evil. Creating an army of spirits is necessary for Storm's plans, even if everyone thinks I'm wrong for it. I might not know the plans completely, but I know what Storm wanted. I know they wanted to change things by using the spirits.

Topaz: But why? What are you going to do, if you don't know the whole plan? What if you're just doing this because you're compelled to, not because you have any idea of what's actually happening?

Tempest: ...

Topaz: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Tempest: ...Right. I don't know anything. I want to do everything for them, but I only have a small portion of the answers, don't I?

Topaz: ...I want to help you! You know that, right? But you're hurting the spirits you're using. We're all concerned.

Tempest: The spirits are already dead. I can't hurt them any more than they've already been hurt. Don't tell me you share Ry's opinions? That I'm evil and wrong?

Topaz: ...No. It's fine. You're fine, of course you are, Tempest. I just want you to be okay!

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There are only three genders: malewife (Ry), girlboss (Topaz), and silly rabbit (Caelestis)


Storm: Do you think it's girlboss of Topaz to start destroying reality, effectively killing humanity slowly despite her want to help them?

Ry: Yes :) Girlboss is girlboss I see no difference <3 But no seriously we should stop her.

Tempest: Yes she's girlboss. If you say she's not girlboss you're being homophobic. She's gay she can do what she wants.

Araceli: NO WTF I've gone through my character arc and now I understand that this will never be right.

Caelestis: I'm not having a good time trying to stop this now that she's realized her immense power, if that's what you're asking me,

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[ID: Many hearts messily scribbled in white ink on a hot pink background. End ID]

I doodled my OCs over their heights from the “comparing heights” website. Pls ignore some weird mistakes and proportions lol.

Notes: some of their feet go beyond the ground line, namely Tempest, because they’re wearing heels on top of their height ^^ Also it’s not that they’re all short, Araceli is just 7 feet tall and the rest of them are between 5′0 and 5′11 FJKLFSDJKLG SORRY THAT IT THROWS IT ALL OFF

Original image (with heights in both ft/in and cm): (note that I changed Ry’s name from “Rai” so this image is inaccurate for his name)

Today is the release date of the mobile game AAside!!! The game servers aren't up but the game is able to be downloaded hehe. I actually thought I wouldn't be able to get the actual game because my tech isn't new, but my android emulater can, to my great surprise actually download the game!!! So I'm getting it!!! I know I won't be able to play the rhythm game part of it, but it has an auto mode so I should probably be okay? Really all I want is to hear the voices and see the visuals while reading the story translations <3

This was a coloring experiment that ended up taking a lot longer than I wanted it to. And it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to either.

Anyways, it's my monk's signif, Karhyn Hywell.

🍁 an art exchange piece i did for SawyerOuji!