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Blake - Commission

A commission I did for @sidh

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another 30 min art exercise, this time with a moon and some clouds

original photo

hmm I'm going to scroll through ao3 I'm sure my many filters will save me from seeing weird stuff :) *opens ao3* oh no >:0

Today I changed my url on tumblr so I guess I have to edit my about page here

Anyway, now my waterfall and tumblr usernames match, since I found out that "timeskip" was available (finally!)

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Artfight attack against trickytricky

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i feel like shading something to be night time is one step closer to making an actual background, even though lord knows im never doing That

I should use references more often tbh this is Nice

*spams you with art since I haven't been here in a few days and can't be bothered to use the queue*

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for jade week day 7 >:3

shes angry cause she got mistreated in canon :(

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Izuru Kamukura, 2015-2020

A redraw of an old izuru pic i made around 5 or so years ago that im still really fond of

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couldn't sleep so i drew this instead

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wings are INCREDIBLY fun but boy do they become even more fun when you actually use reference photos

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As a new art, here is a warmup I did some month ago.

Bleh, I haven't been here in a while... I've been feeling unmovtivated the past couple days, but I'm feeling a little bit better today, so??? Hopefully this is a good sign

Apparently A3's next main story chapter will come out in 2021, which I'd seen people theorizing about before, but I'm kind of sad that they're splitting this part in half, since I'm afraid I won't be as into it next year... In any case, I can wait for the most recent translations to come out, and then it's waiting time!


I saw some people on twitter editing this Itaru card to have various other character's heads on it (lmao) so I thought I'd try my hand! I don't think I got it exactly right, but I tried my best and I'll do better if I try this again!

Under the cut I'll put the two cards I combined:

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i saw a post saying a lot of waterfalls userbase is european, so if youre from north america, repour and say hi!

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i wanna encourage everyone who has a bad day but idk the right words to do it


if you see this

be encouraged

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stella imagine bit like this ... accurate? :P

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[id: a simple digital doodle of two people, one turquoise and the other orange. The turquoise one has their hand on the orange one's face. Text at the bottom reads,
turquoise: "be encouraged"
orange: "huh?"
end id.]