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originally drawn 6/23/2019

I wanted to practice drawing backgrounds/environments and I really like the results :)

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rah -

Still in that winter mood and wanted to draw some plaid? Just wanted to bust this out before my spring mood kicks in (because my allergies are already here). More practice with backgrounds! More interesting shots! 

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drew this 1/17/2019 after having a dream about someone I miss a lot

I've been working on the lineart for this drawing for SO long. I was like ":D I'm almost done! Just have to fix the lines on the shoes since I finally figured out something for the arm that's been giving me trouble" and then I remembered canvas flipping and. Uh. I have to redo that arm AGAIN.

thoughts -

im here to celebrate "bad" art without the expectation that the artist will eventually learn and get "good".

fill pages and pages with shitty emo pretentious cringy middle-school level 3-verse poetry and unfinished first chapters of boring stories that make no sense and with wobbly disproportionate ugly embarrassing incomprehensible unoriginal drawings.

grab a magazine and some scissors and glue and make a wrinkly collage without a motif or any rhyme or reason. grab a handful of play-doh and make an amorphous little person or an unrecognizable dog. make a thousand little shapes with your big shaky useless hands.

sit at the piano and play with it. make up an easy little melody and play it over and over again in the high keys and the low keys. listen to your favorite song and try to play it by ear bc you cant read music. manage to learn only a little bit but play it again and again.

sing, sing, SING goddamnit with your grating nasally too loud or too quiet completely off-key voice and DANCE awkwardly hopelesly off-rythm with your stiff clumsy limbs because it brings you a primal sort of joy

let go of rules and expectations and goals and performance and the invisible or visible audience. let art be your eternal playground even in adulthood, when it becomes forbidden.


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piece i drew for a the good place zine! you can download it for free~

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Secret Santa gift from an exchange on Discord!

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feelin keen feelin green

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My Personal Angel

Me: does no art for 2 months
Me: starts something of a technique I've never tried before (watercolor), with things I've never drawn before (wings), amongst other things.
-3 days later-


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look at this bab on alien plaan, he gonna get his face shaved off by thar dust storm ^-^

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Sketch for QueenofCuteCows

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This is from 2015, posted on a tumblr blog that I deleted, but I still like it.

Yesterday I was feeling Bad and Anxious for no reason while I was walking home and I walked by this guy with a big fluffy dog and I completely intended to just tell him that he had a cute dog but the dog was really friendly and I pet it and the guy seemed apologetic but I tried to convey that it was okay??? Anyways Good Dog washed away all my bad feelings :)

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kanyny -

Scanned lineart + digital coloring.

I feel like I haven't actually made my own post here in forever... Too busy rbing people's pretty artwork...

Anyways current mood is that my finals start on Wednesday next week and I just want to sleep >:/ I'm supposed to be finishing an english project and studying for chemistry and german and also doing the chemistry lab analysis and other stuff too but really what I want is to take a good long break...

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Hatsune Miku says Trans Rights

this is totally separate from the meme btw, i just really like trans miku

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current mood

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tag urself im fuck you in the knee

timeskip -

i'm "i believe in spider"

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In honor of my kickstarter launching i couldnt resist drawing a cryptid cat.

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rubbertig -

idk if anyone's curious but heres my webcomic... im planning when i finally update to do a big proper promo for it... but like thats been taking ages cos of ADHD so like.... take a look if you want i guess! its a cyoa about witches who wander a void.

babushka -


80roxy08 -

Hey I just read it and it's super cool! And the style and cast are adorable!

timeskip -

I agree!! It's like a lot of fun!! I especially love the art and character design :)