I've Decided to Become a Paradox

Percy / Jupiter | they/them or ve/vir/vis | 19 | I'll post about whatever I'm into here! | currently into the mobile game A3!

More About

The most important stuff is in the description, but this page is just a bit more info.

I'm Percy, and my other name is Jupiter if you want to call me that!

I'm nonbinary and bi, and I'm sure I'll talk about that sometimes, along with general LGBT+ stuff. I also identify as genderfluid and trans, so I sometimes call myself by those labels. The last thing is that I think I'm probably gray-ace. I do think ace and aro people are LGBT+!

I go by they/them pronouns, and I also really like the neopronouns ve/vir/vis. I don't mind he/him pronouns either!

On this blog, as it is now, I generally reblog cool art and fun jokes, as well as posting what I'm interested in. This includes anime, cartoons, and games, but I'm not going to specify here because I feel like there's too many things. Look in my description for what I'm most into, if you'd like, though. If you like it too, feel free to talk to me about it!

My tumblr is @timeskip, and when I post art on here, it should be in the tag #art posts.

Don't follow me if you do obvious dnf stuff, like being a nazi, transphobe, etc. though with any luck anyone who does will get reported and dealt with quickly. Especially don't follow or interact if you ship or are okay with shipping incest or pedophilia.

I hope you have an amazing day! <3 (last edited on 14/12/20) (Though I'm an American, I'm using the system for dates that the rest of the world does, dd/mm/yy)