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I doodled my OCs over their heights from the “comparing heights” website. Pls ignore some weird mistakes and proportions lol.

Notes: some of their feet go beyond the ground line, namely Tempest, because they’re wearing heels on top of their height ^^ Also it’s not that they’re all short, Araceli is just 7 feet tall and the rest of them are between 5′0 and 5′11 FJKLFSDJKLG SORRY THAT IT THROWS IT ALL OFF

Original image (with heights in both ft/in and cm): (note that I changed Ry’s name from “Rai” so this image is inaccurate for his name)

Part of a comic I doodled.

Text for the whole comic is this: (I came up with it on the spot so it might not be perfect, but...)

Tempest: Why?

Topaz: ???

Tempest: Why does nothing I do have MEANING.

Topaz: No!

Topaz: EVERYTHING you do has meaning!

Tempest: But how can you say that?

Topaz: Because,

Topaz: I love you.

Topaz: So of course it has meaning. YOU have meaning.

80roxy08 asked:

🐾and their pet (or most likely pet, if they don’t have one) and 🦸‍♀️as a super hero or super villain for the doodle OC meme !

With whoever you want, if you're still doing it and these haven't already been picked ^^

I'm so so sorry this took so long. I know it's not an obligation, but I wanted to get it done anyways!

🐾 OC and their pet

This is Caelestis and his bird! As the God of Wind, I thought it would be nice to give him a flying pet, so a bird it is!!! (No color because I had no motivation... ahaha...)

(he/him pronouns)

🦸‍♀️ OC as a super hero or super villain

The image and background (which is supposed to vaguely resemble a city... lol) could DEFINITELY be better on this one, but I like the general design? This is Ry as a superhero, because they're definitely able to be one, haha! They even have a human alter ego in the actual "canon" universe, so being a superhero fits super well ^^ I have no idea what superhero outfits usually look like, but I think this works!!!

(he/they pronouns)

Ry's "canon" design under the cut, because I don't think I've ever actually shared it (drawn by my brother, not by me)

I usually alter the design in a few places, but <3 he <3

"Are you sure this is what you wanted?"

"I do not want a sad goodbye with everyone. This is my last selfish wish."

robot asked:

👶 for that ask game!

Doodle your OC... 👶when they were a kid

Honestly, most of my OCs are actually gods, so they don't have "child" forms unless I put them into a human AU (which is fine with me, though more difficult) BUT here's Angel, one of my few human OCs!!! (they/them pronouns ONLY for them, please)

They did the cuts on their shirt sleeves themself. They weren't exactly in a great place as a child. But they did like reading! Yay?

Also, segmental heterochromia ^^

This is what they look like in their late teens/early twenties:

They wear a mish-mash of weird clothing choices: oversized t-shirts, white gloves, poofy jester pants. (You can't see that last one here, but trust me. They're there.) It's a lot of fun ^^

An Anonymous user asked:


Doodle your OC...🧬as another species

Tempest as a mermaid!!! I've found that I really REALLY like drawing Tempest...

(they/them pronouns for them)

stop asked:


Doodle your OC...🍁in a seasonal setting

Araceli! I've actually never colored her before, so I had to actually start picking out her color scheme for the first time here. I'm not sure this is 100% solid, and I'm definitely not completely happy with her hair, so... Some changes will probably come, eventually. I'll figure it out. Anyways, this was fun!!! I hope you like her!!! :D

I hope a winter coat and a warm drink are seasonal enough ^-^

I wanted to draw an OC in a dress :)

(they/them pronouns only for them!!!)

Bloody Henry is Muku's most feral role... His acting range is amazing :0

Not gonna make lineart for this one but here’s two of my OCs! They’re actually not super close but they ARE friends and I wanted to draw them together ;u;

Left: Caelestis (he/him)

Right: Topaz (she/her)

In a more perfect world, Reni would admire the stage lights around Yukio, painting him pale and immovable, like an angel, or, perhaps more fittingly, a god.

Alternate caption: Reni Kamikizaka makes me lose my mind.

Pen drawing! Be careful in the dark.

Based on this card:

I really really like Citron's wizard costume ^-^

Does Tenma Sumeragi support gay rights?! It's a mystery!!!

I should use references more often tbh this is Nice

I read this part of A3! act 3 and have decided that this is the moment Reni realized he had feelings for Yukio. After all, Yukio was asking Hakkaku for a script just for Reni... right?

Art of my sister's character Sariel, which I drew as a christmas gift for her! You can find the character's Toyhouse page here

Did u know in aitsf there's a bad end where the main character is implied to kill his boss on camera haha I just thought it was a fun fact

I didn't agree, no matter how many times he demanded it of me. I refused again and again.

And when I saw it, I understood. Boss's body rolled into the corner of the room. I didn't want to think anymore. Anything. Nothing. I closed my eyes and ran my palm across my face. I could taste blood.