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The Forbidden Candy(TM)

Just wanted to do some stylized gemstones to practice texture

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Some doodles I posted on insta earlier today

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This is the actual order of these! I made them out of order because I didn't think about it the first round XD

Let's see if it keeps moving by tomorrow.

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nheeeh sunsets are pretty

Night Sky

the moon looks lovely in the evening

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Metaxytherium - An ancient sirenian, different from the current Dugong by the presence of teeth. Some species of Metaxytherium, such as M.serresii, also had prominent sexual dimorphism, with the male growing a narwhal-like tooth.

Saw a fossil and an old gravure of it the other week at the museum, and decided they deserved a sparkly watercolor illustration~ 🐬

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moon -

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moon -

Pretty in Pink

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some background stuff