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I feel like my mom, my brother, and I all have different ideas of what "atheism" means to us (I'm almost ready to identify as "agnostic" and not athiest anymore but that's beside the point)

My mom, raised christian: Reading the bible for athiests makes us more sure of the lack of religion, because we know it's not real! Some people participate in religion despite not believing in a god, so athiesm is active denial of a god.

My brother, raised athiest: Actually, for me, athiesm is just lack of believing in a religion. It doesn't involve any interaction with the christian faith or other faiths.

Me, privately (I haven't told my family any of this), also raised athiest: I identify as athiest because I don't believe in a god, but part of me does truly believe that religion is correct, to some degree, in that we are part of a greater cycle than reality can explain to us.