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There are only three genders: malewife (Ry), girlboss (Topaz), and silly rabbit (Caelestis)


Storm: Do you think it's girlboss of Topaz to start destroying reality, effectively killing humanity slowly despite her want to help them?

Ry: Yes :) Girlboss is girlboss I see no difference <3 But no seriously we should stop her.

Tempest: Yes she's girlboss. If you say she's not girlboss you're being homophobic. She's gay she can do what she wants.

Araceli: NO WTF I've gone through my character arc and now I understand that this will never be right.

Caelestis: I'm not having a good time trying to stop this now that she's realized her immense power, if that's what you're asking me,

I doodled my OCs over their heights from the “comparing heights” website. Pls ignore some weird mistakes and proportions lol.

Notes: some of their feet go beyond the ground line, namely Tempest, because they’re wearing heels on top of their height ^^ Also it’s not that they’re all short, Araceli is just 7 feet tall and the rest of them are between 5′0 and 5′11 FJKLFSDJKLG SORRY THAT IT THROWS IT ALL OFF

Original image (with heights in both ft/in and cm): (note that I changed Ry’s name from “Rai” so this image is inaccurate for his name)

80roxy08 asked:

🐾and their pet (or most likely pet, if they don’t have one) and 🦸‍♀️as a super hero or super villain for the doodle OC meme !

With whoever you want, if you're still doing it and these haven't already been picked ^^

I'm so so sorry this took so long. I know it's not an obligation, but I wanted to get it done anyways!

🐾 OC and their pet

This is Caelestis and his bird! As the God of Wind, I thought it would be nice to give him a flying pet, so a bird it is!!! (No color because I had no motivation... ahaha...)

(he/him pronouns)

🦸‍♀️ OC as a super hero or super villain

The image and background (which is supposed to vaguely resemble a city... lol) could DEFINITELY be better on this one, but I like the general design? This is Ry as a superhero, because they're definitely able to be one, haha! They even have a human alter ego in the actual "canon" universe, so being a superhero fits super well ^^ I have no idea what superhero outfits usually look like, but I think this works!!!

(he/they pronouns)

Ry's "canon" design under the cut, because I don't think I've ever actually shared it (drawn by my brother, not by me)

I usually alter the design in a few places, but <3 he <3

[603 words. warning for mention of kidnapping]


Araceli breaks her stride too easily, emotions snapped in half as she freezes in place. Ry is too quiet, after what they just said, almost as if they hadn't said it at all. If Araceli ignored this and let it evaporate into the air, Ry probably wouldn't even say anything.

"What?" Araceli says, and it's too loud in the abandoned park.

"I remember when Storm saved your life," Ry repeats dutifully. "Mother Nature made Tempest and I out of the remnants of Storm's essence," they turn around, spinning in place in the middle of the light snowfall, the white flakes standing out from their black hair, "so it only makes sense that I remember their memories, too."

"And you remember... saving me," Araceli speaks lowly. "I barely remember that, since Mother Nature erased most of my memories of Storm. Keep it to yourself. Don't talk about them unless you have to."

Ry sighs with frosted breath, twirling again. They're dancing, like some sort of ballerina. Araceli has no idea why or where they learned this. "I know, I know."

"No, you don't," Araceli shakes her head. Ry's eyes stay stuck on her, yellow and burning. Yellow like Storm's but so much kinder on Ry's face. "Ry... You're not Storm. You have never been the God of Storms, and you never will be."

Ry's face falls. They stop moving their feet, sliding lightly on the powdered snow. "But you were so afraid. You were so..."

"It isn't your memory to keep," Araceli snaps, then bites her tongue. She doesn't want to do this to Ry. She doesn't want to hurt them, but reminding her of Storm is just reopening an old wound. "Storm was awful. A monster. I remember enough to know that much, to know that Storm is and always has been trying to hurt me. They never saved my life. They only hurt me."

Ry steps closer to Araceli. Their hands are warm to the point of feeling burning against her bare arms. "When you were kidnapped," they lick their lips, "Storm followed you when you were gone for too long. And they brought you back."

Araceli remembers being kidnapped. It causes something to feel caught in her throat. The darkness was too much, the weather shifting, her heart beating, beating, beating too fast, too hard to control even with all her godly power. Her chest is tight even now, even as the memories of escaping have faded with the decades and centuries between then and now.

"...And what will you do with these memories?" Araceli asks quietly. "Will you use them to remind me of pain?"

Ry looks away. There's silence between them, but Ry tightens their grip on her. "Well, no. I don't want to. That was just... something I thought you'd rather remember."

They're wrong, but how can Araceli say that when faced with their sad yellow eyes.

Ry hugs Araceli, then. It's sudden, but their grip is loose. "I won't tell you, then. I just thought I needed to find something good in the memories, because the rest of it is so..." They rest their head against her shoulder. "So..."

"You don't need to finish that sentence," Araceli says, hugging them back, hand on the back of their head. She brushes snowflakes from their hair. "They're awful, aren't they? But you're not. You're different from those memories, even if you have them. I trust that if I ever get hurt like that again, that you'll save me in a way that Storm never would."

She can feel Ry laugh shakily against her shoulder. "I'll make sure of it."

Storm: I'd die for you :)

Araceli: Then perish.

Ry: You will.

Caelestis: Please don't!

Topaz: Cool.

Tempest: I'd die for you first.

Out of my OCs, the central one is Storm and of course each individual character has their own feelings on them, but generally, they can be sorted like:

People codependant on/worshipping Storm to an unhealthy degree: Angel, Caelestis, Tempest

People who dispise Storm because Storm knows them too well, and/or they can see what Storm wants and THEY understand STORM too well for comfort: Araceli, Ry, Topaz

People neutral on Storm because they never met them: Olive, all of Tempest's army (except Angel), Past and Future

Obviously, their relationships change. Caelestis stops being completely dependant on Storm, to the point where their relationship actually becomes positive. Araceli and Storm used to be close friends, and their relationship shifts again when Storm forces Araceli into a corner and she falls apart. Tempest has to examine their hero worship and blind following of Storm when they actually meet Storm for the first time and realize that Storm doesn't like them and never will. Etc. etc.

Topaz, holding Ry by the back of the neck: Araceli, I caught one of those "he/they"s :0

Araceli: *sigh* Put him down, Topaz.

I have this image of a drawing I want to do with my OCs, but I don't know how to pose them or make their expressions right, so I keep trying to sketch it and giving up...

The idea is "family photo" with Tempest and Ry, the twins, sitting next to each other, maybe with linked arms or holding hands? To show how connected they are? But they're looking away, because they don't want to acknowledge it. And behind them, standing either with their head cropped offscreen, or maybe simply as a sillouhette, is Storm, their predecessor, standing behind them. Because Storm is the one causing the rift between the two, even though they don't exist anymore and Tempest and Ry have never really known Storm.

OC posting time I think Ry's feelings on Storm are really fun and complicated but also, basically, they run away from Storm because they can't handle the burden of Storm's presence. And they also run from all their other problems too. Stop running, Ry, your problems will still catch you!!!

Admittedly, Ry being caught by his problems won't stop him from being really weird about said problems. Olive literally tried to kill him multiple times but ummm they're friends now :) Good thing Olive isn't Storm bc Ry WOULD attack Storm for that, like:

Storm: Oh our great successor who we don't actually like ! How pitiful that you fell from your powerful position! *tries to stab them*

Ry: *slams Storm into the ground* I dare you to try that again you weirdo! Fucking try!! I'm better than you at this and we both know it!

My OC Araceli is 7 ft tall (according the the internet, that's ~214 cm) which means she has to bend down to go through doors whenever she comes to Earth. Ry makes fun of her for this. He finds it very funny.

I think that my OC Ry should stop trying to pretend to be human. I think he should impulsively grow more eyes and sprout wings and have electricity shoot out of his fingers. But no, he's a coward who refuses to be sexy--

Would You Fuck Your Clone?

Caelestis: "I don't want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong."

Topaz: "I'd totally fuck my clone because I want to know if I'm good in bed."

Storm: "I'd fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck ME than ME?"

Angel: "I'd totally do all sort of weird things to my clone I'd be embarrassed to ask someone else to do."

Glitched Topaz: "To be honest, fucking my clone has always been my fantasy."

Araceli: "It's basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal."

Tempest: "It's not the same as masturbating; it'd be like having sex with your twin. Wrong and bad!"

Ry: "I would not have sex with my clone because what if my clone is evil."

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Saw some posts on tumblr about completely out of context memes about people's OCs, and I thought it would be cool to bring that here! If you have OCs and want to make memes for them, feel free to reblog this post with them ^^

timeskip -

Ooookay, doing some myself! Just a few for now ^^ (Oof I really did some based more on certain characters/plotlines than others... sorry to Caelestis, who doesn't even show up ;;)

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oc development: what thing is on your character's "world's best (thing)" mug

80roxy08 -

Émilie : "World's best boss" (given to her by her men)

Crows: "World's best worst resting bitch face" (given to him by his family)

Louis: "World's best punching bag" (given to him by this unapologetic author hehe)

timeskip -

Ry: "World's Best Friend" (given to them by human friends :'D)

Tempest: Doesn't have a mug like that. They're too standoffish for that, especially at the start of the story, but they are a little jealous of Ry's mug...

Topaz: "World's Best Helper" (given to her by Tempest after they start getting closer. Tempest realizes that Topaz is usuallly just trying to help and wants to make her feel better)

Caelestis: "World's Best God" (got it from his worshippers. loves it because of the ego boost, but probably breaks it within three months)

Araceli: "World's Best Boss (overbearing boss)" (Rai gave it to her passive agressively. The "overbearing boss" part is handwritten.)

Storm: Doesn't get one cause they'd break it within a week. On purpose. Gets a "World's Best Chaos Creator" from me (thanks 80roxy08 for that idea lol)


A short piece for my OCs, 730 words long.

Context: Araceli and Ry are both gods of weather, with Ry being the God of Lightning and a new god, and Araceli being the Overseer Goddess of Weather, meaning that rank-wise, she's above Ry since she has to look over him and make sure he actually does what he's supposed to.

Araceli is, as mentioned, 7 feet tall. Ry is 5'5, for the record (Araceli would be ~213 cm, and Ry ~165 cm). I find this fact entertaining, but it's used for dramatic purposes here.

Araceli is not easily broken.

She is there, standing there in the realm of the gods as Ry returns. His face is turned down, as if he can’t meet her eyes. She suspects that there would be guilt in them, if she could look, but as it is, she can only stare at his black and gold hair. The fog is thick around them, creating a private place.

“Ry,” she starts, and it’s soft. He is so small, when compared to her. Everything is so small, when compared to her seven foot tall stature, as if she sits above it all, a goddess even among the others. Ry and her are bound tightly, two gods forced towards humanity, but they are not quite so intertwined as Araceli might wish for.

She doesn’t understand Ry. And yet she wants, more than anything, to close the gap between them.

She feels protective of him, and though she doesn’t say a word, she disapproves of his time spent with humanity for that reason. Humanity isn’t quite evil, but their tendency to destroy creates a chasm in Araceli’s chest. It aches.

“Araceli,” Ry replies, and he finally tilts his head back enough to see her. He grins, and his teeth flash in the light like that of a memory, a mirage. The fog around them is cool on Araceli’s skin, and she shivers.

“Why do you spend so much time in the human world? There’s nothing for us out there,” she says, and the venom lying within her bubbles into her voice. Ry tightens his smile, almost imperceptibly.

“But don’t you think there’s something more for us, Boss?” His eyebrows turn up into a semblance of an apology. His smile doesn’t change.

“Don’t call me that,” Araceli snaps. “I’m,” she takes a deep breath, not worth more than this, she thinks, but doesn’t say. Boss is too much of a title, one she doesn’t deserve for being so afraid. There is nothing more for her out there. “I may be the boss, but we here are more than just coworkers. We’re friends, Ry. Don’t cut us off.”

She wants to reach for him. She wants to stop this from happening, but he just turns his glowing eyes away from her. “I’m not. I’m entertaining myself.” He spreads his arms wide, fingers extending as far as they can reach. “Is that not what we were put in this universe to do? Our duties, first, and then entertainment! The lives of humans are worth so much, and they can pull us into greater heights!”

“You sound childish.”

“I am, though, aren’t I?” Ry injects confidence into his movements, and Araceli looks down at him disapprovingly. “I’m the newbie here, Boss. And you aren’t teaching me anything. Doesn’t that mean I’m still a child? I’ve existed for so few years.”

“I want-” she can’t speak. She can’t hurt him like this. She can’t pour her doubts onto him and protect him like she really wants to. She came here to tell him the destruction that humanity will leave with him, but she hesitates at the wrong moment.

There’s something knowing, in Ry’s eyes, when he talks about the humans. Even in all his pride and awe, he is a strange god.

“I want you to learn from the gods. You have a place here. Don’t forget it.” She turns away, and the fog swirls lightly where her feet step, sandals making no noise below her. The wind blows, and Ry doesn’t move except to turn his head again and break eye contact.

They have known each other for so short of a time compared to the other gods, but that doesn’t mean that Ry is young. And it doesn’t mean that his bonds are any less strong with the rest of them. How he leaves them alone, how he stops her from reaching, is something that pains Araceli but does not surprise her anymore. She, too, was like that, before humanity broke her.

The ties between them break, little by little. The knots that Araceli makes to hold them together become undone. Someday, she will regret this moment, she thinks. Right now, she is too afraid to do anything but move away and let her pride keep her standing.

Ry moves slowly further into the realm of the gods as well. She doesn’t look back at him.