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There are only three genders: malewife (Ry), girlboss (Topaz), and silly rabbit (Caelestis)


Storm: Do you think it's girlboss of Topaz to start destroying reality, effectively killing humanity slowly despite her want to help them?

Ry: Yes :) Girlboss is girlboss I see no difference <3 But no seriously we should stop her.

Tempest: Yes she's girlboss. If you say she's not girlboss you're being homophobic. She's gay she can do what she wants.

Araceli: NO WTF I've gone through my character arc and now I understand that this will never be right.

Caelestis: I'm not having a good time trying to stop this now that she's realized her immense power, if that's what you're asking me,

I doodled my OCs over their heights from the “comparing heights” website. Pls ignore some weird mistakes and proportions lol.

Notes: some of their feet go beyond the ground line, namely Tempest, because they’re wearing heels on top of their height ^^ Also it’s not that they’re all short, Araceli is just 7 feet tall and the rest of them are between 5′0 and 5′11 FJKLFSDJKLG SORRY THAT IT THROWS IT ALL OFF

Original image (with heights in both ft/in and cm): (note that I changed Ry’s name from “Rai” so this image is inaccurate for his name)

Storm: I'd die for you :)

Araceli: Then perish.

Ry: You will.

Caelestis: Please don't!

Topaz: Cool.

Tempest: I'd die for you first.

Out of my OCs, the central one is Storm and of course each individual character has their own feelings on them, but generally, they can be sorted like:

People codependant on/worshipping Storm to an unhealthy degree: Angel, Caelestis, Tempest

People who dispise Storm because Storm knows them too well, and/or they can see what Storm wants and THEY understand STORM too well for comfort: Araceli, Ry, Topaz

People neutral on Storm because they never met them: Olive, all of Tempest's army (except Angel), Past and Future

Obviously, their relationships change. Caelestis stops being completely dependant on Storm, to the point where their relationship actually becomes positive. Araceli and Storm used to be close friends, and their relationship shifts again when Storm forces Araceli into a corner and she falls apart. Tempest has to examine their hero worship and blind following of Storm when they actually meet Storm for the first time and realize that Storm doesn't like them and never will. Etc. etc.

I have this image of a drawing I want to do with my OCs, but I don't know how to pose them or make their expressions right, so I keep trying to sketch it and giving up...

The idea is "family photo" with Tempest and Ry, the twins, sitting next to each other, maybe with linked arms or holding hands? To show how connected they are? But they're looking away, because they don't want to acknowledge it. And behind them, standing either with their head cropped offscreen, or maybe simply as a sillouhette, is Storm, their predecessor, standing behind them. Because Storm is the one causing the rift between the two, even though they don't exist anymore and Tempest and Ry have never really known Storm.

OC posting time I think Ry's feelings on Storm are really fun and complicated but also, basically, they run away from Storm because they can't handle the burden of Storm's presence. And they also run from all their other problems too. Stop running, Ry, your problems will still catch you!!!

Admittedly, Ry being caught by his problems won't stop him from being really weird about said problems. Olive literally tried to kill him multiple times but ummm they're friends now :) Good thing Olive isn't Storm bc Ry WOULD attack Storm for that, like:

Storm: Oh our great successor who we don't actually like ! How pitiful that you fell from your powerful position! *tries to stab them*

Ry: *slams Storm into the ground* I dare you to try that again you weirdo! Fucking try!! I'm better than you at this and we both know it!

How to Become a God

OC writing with experimental writing style; Storm's backstory told in the second person future tense (yes, really.) 2072 words.


Step by step, you will rise towards godhood.


You will be nothing. You will not know who you are, but you will feel the heat on your skin as you are created. Your Mother is not kind, this you will know—but she is warm and abstract, colorful and powerful. She is not doing this for you; she will be creating you for the sake of the universe. That will be okay.

Your identity will be solidified by Fate, forged in the fire of your heart. You will destroy everything, then be remade.

You will be created with recycled parts, bits of stardust melting together until you are a person, real and truly, like all of the gods that came before you. You will be able to walk on the Earth with the humans even though you are so different, and you will be able to destroy them. There are inevitabilities that come with being god, and your Mother will ingrain you with every one of them.


You will not know how you feel.

The humans will worship you, because you are a god, and because you shape them and their world with your own hands. And you will wonder, in some portion of your warped mind, if this is really what you want.

You will sit on the top of the pedestal, and you will know that you are perfect, and good, and correct. This is the burden that will be given to you in godhood; flowing robes you don’t want but suffer through for the sake of being a god, and the warm water on the beach, and the storm clouds that follow you around, the ones that the other humans, the ones who don’t follow you, fear and call evil. You will not be evil.

You will confess to your Overseer that you are unsure. Araceli will comfort you, like the Mother who never did, who could never. You will not know what it’s like to have a mother like Araceli, with a solid body and who didn’t create you for some grander sake. You will understand everything, eventually, that the sickness rising within you is uncertainty, and that you have walked too far already. But at that moment, you will take comfort in your friend; she is trying so hard to help you.

You will begin to understand that you love her, then.

This will not falter, even as you begin to realize the truth; this will come later, so for now you will continue to sift through your feelings with her by your side. She may be an Overseer, but you will think she’s kind, and she will forever continue to be, in your eyes. She will help you as you begin to understand your own importance.

You will find that humanity knows, that Araceli knows, and that even your Mother knows; you will be important, and perfect. You will be good. You will be correct.


Gods have buildings dedicated to them, and yours will be built with fragile walls unable to bear the storms that swirl at your fingertips. They will fall, and you will laugh in your destruction. The humans will cower from you, or maybe surround you, or maybe give you gifts, but either way, you will not be happy.

Laughter is a defence mechanism that you will find in these times. Electricity will adorn your robes, metal ringing your neck and fingers, too gaudy to be real. You will hate yourself for this, but you will also know that you deserve to be worshipped by humanity as a whole, because you are better than them. This is the inevitability ingrained within you, unable to be separated from yourself.

You will fall slowly into this; you will not crash into the water all at once, but instead dip your toes into self confidence, wading deeper until it consumes you.

Soon, you will think yourself royalty.

You will still feel the taste of fear and uncertainty. Something is wrong, and it will buzz in your veins like the powers you control, like your constant trips to Earth will tell you. You will search far and wide for a reason for this, reading again and again. You will have friends with you, many of them, gods of status and power, and gods with none. You will laugh with sharp teeth and welcome them with you in your pursuit of knowledge.

Araceli will tell you to be careful, and that gods never benefit from too much knowledge. You will understand this, but you will also ignore it, because she is too wounded from the past to truly be controlling, despite the way she carries herself. She will think of herself as your friend, and you will take advantage of this trust in you. This is the first fault in your relationship.

Things will crack with thunder when you meet Angel. They will be a human with a pale figure, who steals your robes and sits beside you to braid your hair. They will talk about legends about gods, about family and nonbelievers, about running away from home and finding you, and how they believe in you. They will talk about the older legends, passed down with secret books, the kind you so crave. They will confess that they don’t think they could do anything without you, in that cheeky way of theirs. They will only make you love yourself more. You will grin at them.

Angel will not change you inherently, but they will break you free. You are captured in the shell, and your Fate will sway with the storms until you break it. You, still, will not believe that your storms are evil.

You will begin to realize that you were never a god at all. You will begin your journey anew, as the perfect human, immortal and created by a Mother you will never trust again.


You will hurt Araceli.

You will continue to love her, even as you change yourself. Your world will shift to the side, with this change, and with the realization of everything around you that you hadn’t realized. You will understand your Fate, and you will recruit another god to follow you; this time, it will be Caelestis, who trusts you, who helped you search for this knowledge before.

You almost feel bad for using him, but you will find that your uncertainty has washed away like the waves on the beaches. Your thirst for knowledge will be answered, and Caelestis will follow you as you pursue a way to escape the world Fate has trapped you in. You may not be a god, but you must continue to search for it, and you will let danger snap at your heels, laughing as you run.

Laughing will never feel so freeing as those moments. Caelestis will follow you, the wind blowing behind you, and Araceli’s words, telling you to be careful, will echo in your mind. You will have already gone too far to look back, and caution means nothing to you anymore. The only thing on your mind will be to fix the world that has been broken, even if it’s under your Mother’s nose.

Araceli will be hurt by you, but you justify it to yourself; it will have to be done, because you are correct, and this will be the only thing you can do to change your own Fate, to make her face her own problems. She will never be good at facing herself unless you get close, until you comfort her like she once comforted you.

But you will never comfort her. This you know—she will turn away from you, and you will love her too much to tell her your secrets. So you will bury that love, sand covering everything you were, smoothing it down until you are simply a statue of your old self, smooth and featureless. You will not hate yourself, this time, from on top of the pedestal. The new you will be better, and more knowledgeable.

You will believe yourself to be better than Araceli, because you will not be able to love her or comfort her, so you must find a way to fix things in some other way.

You will no longer be sick of everything; instead you will be free, with the other gods at your side. You will finally be happy, even as you make more enemies, push them away in your constant quest to change things—anything and anyone you can touch. You will be called evil as you do. This will not bother you.


You will be caught.

You are a child, and your Mother has discovered the trick. Your Fate will surge forward, capturing you like the chains you wish it wasn’t. You cannot break free. Your Mother will find you, then, and tell you without words that she’s disappointed in you. She will never have been disappointed in you before, but you played around too much in attempting to become a god, and you will, inevitably, face your punishment.

She will tell you that you were always a god, in color and in life, with your Fate bound to you forever. She will be careful not to break you, because—unlike the humans who surrounded you, unlike Angel who only lived for your sake, unlike Araceli who trusted you until you broke her, unlike Caelestis who followed you with hope for the future—you will be repurposed into something else. The essence of a god is different from the essence of a human, and your godhood will be distilled until your Fate is reworked, until your secrets will be buried under your skin, and you won’t be able to scratch them out.

You were created for the sake of the universe, and the universe—your Mother—has decided that you are a stain on it. Humanity wasn’t created for you, but the other way around; you were created for humanity, and you failed them. You will know this, as your Mother melts you down.

You were supposed to be perfect, the pedestal crumbling underneath you. But you will still love yourself, because there’s nothing else to love, and nobody is more wrong than your Mother. You have always wished to be free, and you would do anything to make it happen. You grasp desperately at your memories, at everything your life will have given you, at its end.

This will be the death of a god. Or, maybe, you will be an overconfident human turned to ashes.

The other gods will forget you existed. They will be trapped by Fate, or their own fading memories of your life. Or maybe they’ll refind themselves, and you will be dust at the bottom, wiped away by a loving Mother. You will not be remembered, as you were a faulty god. Your remains will be used for better means.

Your successors will be nothing at first. They will not know who they are, but they will feel the heat on their skin as they are created. Your Mother will create them for the sake of the universe; she will tell them that they were once parts of you, split apart in order to protect the universe. She will not be making them for the sake of themselves; they will be objects of the universe.

Their identities will be solidified by Fate, your Mother taking your memories and putting it into their heads so that they believe her lies when she tells them they were once you. This, too, will cause their destruction as they are remade.

They will not be created with recycled parts. They will someday come to find you, asleep, not truly gone at all. Until then, you will wait, storms curling around you. You will not think of yourself as evil for what you did, even as the years continue to pass without you there to see it. You Mother will have destroyed you, in some ways, but you continue to lie there, waiting. She will not be able to stop you from waiting.

After all, there are inevitabilities that come with being god, and your Mother ingrained you with every one of them.


You will wake up alive again. You will, at last, through the efforts of your successors, be a true god, in control of your own Fate.

You hope that this destiny is in the cards for you.

Hiiiiiii I'm feeling anxious for no reason (this happens periodically dw abt it) so I wanna talk about something!!! And I have chosen my OCs :)

UM. I don't actually know where to start lol but I guess the beginning as good as ever. The basic background you need for my OC universe is that they're gods, though honestly they're not that powerful when compared to Mother Nature, the Higher Being who dictates their roles as gods. All my main OCs are gods of weather, although eventually I want to flesh out the God of the Past... someday...

All of my OCs have a lot going on surrounding the central (?) character Storm (God of Storms, naturally) who was erased by Mother Nature before the story started and replaced by the Gods of Thunder and Lightning, who Mother Nature claims are actually Storm split into multiple different gods. Really, though, Storm was erased because they found out about Fate, another Higher Being, and decided to break Fate in order to allow the gods to gain control over their lives (since Fate can actually force them to do certain things or act certain ways. Storm doesn't want that.)

In order to "fix" Storm's unwanted behavior, Mother Nature destroyed Storm "completely" (Storm later gets brought back :eyes:) while pretending that the Gods of Thunder and Lightning are what remains, so that nobody will think of bringing Storm back. And ! the Fates of both of those gods are also built so that they keep Storm from coming back!

Of course, Fate is very faulty, and when one becomes aware of their Fate, they can change it in their favor... ie, Storm's return changes EVERYTHING.

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Storm: you know, you should stop being a puppet :D claim your own destiny!!!

Araceli: *turns into a monster of rage*

Storm: that... is NOT what we meant.

timeskip -

Storm: you ever realize how even though you can choose any appearance for yourself as a god, you always veer more towards human looks? Do you know that this is because you don't even control yourself? You ever notice that your only nonhuman feature is being taller than most humans can get because you want to be superior to everyone else since you're miserable in this life you've been given? Just a fun fact

Araceli: I'm about to snap if you say one more fucking word

Storm: Don't you want to go apeshit against Fate and definitely not us?

Araceli: I SAID-- *morphs into a nonhuman monstrosity* STOP!!!

Storm: *sweating*

Storm: you know, you should stop being a puppet :D claim your own destiny!!!

Araceli: *turns into a monster of rage*

Storm: that... is NOT what we meant.

Someday I'm going to look thru picrews and make all my OCs and then you'll say "wtf happened to their hair"

Caelestis and Topaz have the most normal hair lmao. Caelestis is messy short and Topaz has hers just pulled into a bun

and Storm has the weirdest. They have an entire braid on the left side of their head despite none of the rest of their hair being that long lmaooooo

Would You Fuck Your Clone?

Caelestis: "I don't want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong."

Topaz: "I'd totally fuck my clone because I want to know if I'm good in bed."

Storm: "I'd fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck ME than ME?"

Angel: "I'd totally do all sort of weird things to my clone I'd be embarrassed to ask someone else to do."

Glitched Topaz: "To be honest, fucking my clone has always been my fantasy."

Araceli: "It's basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal."

Tempest: "It's not the same as masturbating; it'd be like having sex with your twin. Wrong and bad!"

Ry: "I would not have sex with my clone because what if my clone is evil."

Storm, getting a prophecy from a fortune teller in an AU: Hm. So you're saying that we're going to destroy all our friendships and hurt all our friends, huh? And we'll be the one who causes ripples through the whole group that causes several plot important moments to happen? Fuck you.

Fortune Teller: You can't just like... deny your Fate. Sorry, but this is going to happen whether you like it or not.

Storm: Nope. Nuh uh. We're going to cause as much chaos as possible and fuck up Fate until it decides to stop fucking with our life.

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Saw some posts on tumblr about completely out of context memes about people's OCs, and I thought it would be cool to bring that here! If you have OCs and want to make memes for them, feel free to reblog this post with them ^^

timeskip -

Ooookay, doing some myself! Just a few for now ^^ (Oof I really did some based more on certain characters/plotlines than others... sorry to Caelestis, who doesn't even show up ;;)

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oc development: what thing is on your character's "world's best (thing)" mug

80roxy08 -

Émilie : "World's best boss" (given to her by her men)

Crows: "World's best worst resting bitch face" (given to him by his family)

Louis: "World's best punching bag" (given to him by this unapologetic author hehe)

timeskip -

Ry: "World's Best Friend" (given to them by human friends :'D)

Tempest: Doesn't have a mug like that. They're too standoffish for that, especially at the start of the story, but they are a little jealous of Ry's mug...

Topaz: "World's Best Helper" (given to her by Tempest after they start getting closer. Tempest realizes that Topaz is usuallly just trying to help and wants to make her feel better)

Caelestis: "World's Best God" (got it from his worshippers. loves it because of the ego boost, but probably breaks it within three months)

Araceli: "World's Best Boss (overbearing boss)" (Rai gave it to her passive agressively. The "overbearing boss" part is handwritten.)

Storm: Doesn't get one cause they'd break it within a week. On purpose. Gets a "World's Best Chaos Creator" from me (thanks 80roxy08 for that idea lol)

Storm, on Earth trying to get close with a human: Haha yeah I speak fluent Latin

Caelestis internally: WHAT??? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT??? THAT'S NOT NORMAL???

Caelestis externally, raising his eyebrows but otherwise no expression change: it's true I've heard them speak it before