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Topaz: I love you and support you even if you're being evil.

Tempest: I'm not even being evil. Creating an army of spirits is necessary for Storm's plans, even if everyone thinks I'm wrong for it. I might not know the plans completely, but I know what Storm wanted. I know they wanted to change things by using the spirits.

Topaz: But why? What are you going to do, if you don't know the whole plan? What if you're just doing this because you're compelled to, not because you have any idea of what's actually happening?

Tempest: ...

Topaz: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Tempest: ...Right. I don't know anything. I want to do everything for them, but I only have a small portion of the answers, don't I?

Topaz: ...I want to help you! You know that, right? But you're hurting the spirits you're using. We're all concerned.

Tempest: The spirits are already dead. I can't hurt them any more than they've already been hurt. Don't tell me you share Ry's opinions? That I'm evil and wrong?

Topaz: ...No. It's fine. You're fine, of course you are, Tempest. I just want you to be okay!

There are only three genders: malewife (Ry), girlboss (Topaz), and silly rabbit (Caelestis)


Storm: Do you think it's girlboss of Topaz to start destroying reality, effectively killing humanity slowly despite her want to help them?

Ry: Yes :) Girlboss is girlboss I see no difference <3 But no seriously we should stop her.

Tempest: Yes she's girlboss. If you say she's not girlboss you're being homophobic. She's gay she can do what she wants.

Araceli: NO WTF I've gone through my character arc and now I understand that this will never be right.

Caelestis: I'm not having a good time trying to stop this now that she's realized her immense power, if that's what you're asking me,

I doodled my OCs over their heights from the “comparing heights” website. Pls ignore some weird mistakes and proportions lol.

Notes: some of their feet go beyond the ground line, namely Tempest, because they’re wearing heels on top of their height ^^ Also it’s not that they’re all short, Araceli is just 7 feet tall and the rest of them are between 5′0 and 5′11 FJKLFSDJKLG SORRY THAT IT THROWS IT ALL OFF

Original image (with heights in both ft/in and cm): (note that I changed Ry’s name from “Rai” so this image is inaccurate for his name)

Part of a comic I doodled.

Text for the whole comic is this: (I came up with it on the spot so it might not be perfect, but...)

Tempest: Why?

Topaz: ???

Tempest: Why does nothing I do have MEANING.

Topaz: No!

Topaz: EVERYTHING you do has meaning!

Tempest: But how can you say that?

Topaz: Because,

Topaz: I love you.

Topaz: So of course it has meaning. YOU have meaning.

Storm: I'd die for you :)

Araceli: Then perish.

Ry: You will.

Caelestis: Please don't!

Topaz: Cool.

Tempest: I'd die for you first.

Out of my OCs, the central one is Storm and of course each individual character has their own feelings on them, but generally, they can be sorted like:

People codependant on/worshipping Storm to an unhealthy degree: Angel, Caelestis, Tempest

People who dispise Storm because Storm knows them too well, and/or they can see what Storm wants and THEY understand STORM too well for comfort: Araceli, Ry, Topaz

People neutral on Storm because they never met them: Olive, all of Tempest's army (except Angel), Past and Future

Obviously, their relationships change. Caelestis stops being completely dependant on Storm, to the point where their relationship actually becomes positive. Araceli and Storm used to be close friends, and their relationship shifts again when Storm forces Araceli into a corner and she falls apart. Tempest has to examine their hero worship and blind following of Storm when they actually meet Storm for the first time and realize that Storm doesn't like them and never will. Etc. etc.

An Anonymous user asked:


Doodle your OC...🧬as another species

Tempest as a mermaid!!! I've found that I really REALLY like drawing Tempest...

(they/them pronouns for them)

I wanted to draw an OC in a dress :)

(they/them pronouns only for them!!!)

I have this image of a drawing I want to do with my OCs, but I don't know how to pose them or make their expressions right, so I keep trying to sketch it and giving up...

The idea is "family photo" with Tempest and Ry, the twins, sitting next to each other, maybe with linked arms or holding hands? To show how connected they are? But they're looking away, because they don't want to acknowledge it. And behind them, standing either with their head cropped offscreen, or maybe simply as a sillouhette, is Storm, their predecessor, standing behind them. Because Storm is the one causing the rift between the two, even though they don't exist anymore and Tempest and Ry have never really known Storm.

AU for my OCs where Tempest and Topaz are gay rivals with swords. Topaz tilts Tempest's chin up with the tip of her sword and Tempest smirks and Topaz falls in love with them. Tempest starts to realize that maybe Topaz has a point with her ideals and their rivalry dies down and they maybe even begin to meet in secret--but Topaz is still bound to her own secrets, so she can't truly stop fighting Tempest until they help her in return 😳 so they're fighting but also in love and they yearn for the day when they can actually talk to each other honestly, with no rivalry or secrets... But until then, they're sexy and have swords.

Also Tempest cries because they can't fight while wearing heels, but that's less relevant.

Art Giveaway Prize

2nd place: @timeskip

timeskip -

Wow!!! thank you so much, this is great :DDD

After Mother Nature misgenders them, Tempest sits by the lake with Caelestis.

(Word count: 530)

(TW for misgendering, obviously)

Caelestis is quiet, and the lake is still.

“Why didn’t you say anything at the meeting?” Tempest’s words are accusatory, and when they glance at Caelestis out of the corner of their eye, they find that Caelestis looks like he’s swallowed a lemon.

“I didn’t mean anything by it,” he says hesitantly, nervously, picking at the pure white sand and watching it run through his godly fingers. It’s light enough to be blown away by his powers, and it does, scattering around their world like pieces of themselves, lost forever. “Ry was quicker, and then Araceli...”

Tempest presses their mouth into their knees, tucking themself further into their own space.

“She was wrong,” Caelestis says, referring to Mother Nature, turning to Tempest fully. His eyes spell out an apology, to which Tempest nearly laughs. His hand drops into the sand, body language open, not tense. It’s weird to see this man who used to be so self-isolating acting like this.

Tempest wonders if he's healing, but it causes their heart to ache. Healing is too far away to think about, for them, and if Caelestis, of all the gods, is able to…

Mother Nature had referred to Tempest by the wrong pronouns, and that fact remains hot like anger. Like selfishness. Like change in a storm that Tempest can’t quell. Their fingertips fail them, pressed into their arms in a selfish hug, their words slipping from their tongue, mumbled into the fabric of their pants, the line of their boots pressed into their cheek.

“Was she?”

“I’ll tell you a secret,” Caelestis leans closer, and Tempest leans back, scared of proximity. Scared that Caelestis will spread something like acceptance into Tempest. Caelestis doesn’t smile, mouth still in the hard line so normal for him. “Mother Nature isn’t perfect.”

Tempest laughs, raw. “Obviously.”

He stops staring at them. “I mean it. She’s hiding something, you know. You have to, I mean…” he trails off, examining the ripples in the god’s lake. “Mother Nature doesn’t understand change. She doesn’t understand you. You’re not… You’re…”

Tempest looks away, their heart softening. “Ha. Articulate as always.”

“You’re judging me wrong,” Caelestis grumbles, but when Tempest looks back there’s a smile on his lips. He’s bright, even against the light of the world around them. With every passing day Tempest becomes more and more jealous of him, the heaviness in their heart getting carried wherever they go.

Tempest wonders, for a moment, if that’s what Caelestis is talking about. If the change that Mother Nature doesn’t understand happened to him, too. If he’s really implying that he’s seen it in Tempest, with all the knowledge he carries in his eyes.

“I’ll stand up for you next time,” Caelestis promises, and doesn’t try to get closer. The wind blows around them.

Tempest lets go of their knees, leaning back and breathing the freshest air they’ve ever tasted on their tongue. “Of course you will,” they say, leaning just ever so slightly closer to Caelestis. “I’m surprised you’re the one to be telling me this, if I’m being honest. When did you get so damn wise?”

Caelestis shrugs, smiling as if Tempest will know in the future.

Would You Fuck Your Clone?

Caelestis: "I don't want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong."

Topaz: "I'd totally fuck my clone because I want to know if I'm good in bed."

Storm: "I'd fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck ME than ME?"

Angel: "I'd totally do all sort of weird things to my clone I'd be embarrassed to ask someone else to do."

Glitched Topaz: "To be honest, fucking my clone has always been my fantasy."

Araceli: "It's basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal."

Tempest: "It's not the same as masturbating; it'd be like having sex with your twin. Wrong and bad!"

Ry: "I would not have sex with my clone because what if my clone is evil."

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Saw some posts on tumblr about completely out of context memes about people's OCs, and I thought it would be cool to bring that here! If you have OCs and want to make memes for them, feel free to reblog this post with them ^^

timeskip -

Ooookay, doing some myself! Just a few for now ^^ (Oof I really did some based more on certain characters/plotlines than others... sorry to Caelestis, who doesn't even show up ;;)

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oc development: what thing is on your character's "world's best (thing)" mug

80roxy08 -

Émilie : "World's best boss" (given to her by her men)

Crows: "World's best worst resting bitch face" (given to him by his family)

Louis: "World's best punching bag" (given to him by this unapologetic author hehe)

timeskip -

Ry: "World's Best Friend" (given to them by human friends :'D)

Tempest: Doesn't have a mug like that. They're too standoffish for that, especially at the start of the story, but they are a little jealous of Ry's mug...

Topaz: "World's Best Helper" (given to her by Tempest after they start getting closer. Tempest realizes that Topaz is usuallly just trying to help and wants to make her feel better)

Caelestis: "World's Best God" (got it from his worshippers. loves it because of the ego boost, but probably breaks it within three months)

Araceli: "World's Best Boss (overbearing boss)" (Rai gave it to her passive agressively. The "overbearing boss" part is handwritten.)

Storm: Doesn't get one cause they'd break it within a week. On purpose. Gets a "World's Best Chaos Creator" from me (thanks 80roxy08 for that idea lol)