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A lot of hatred for LGBT people is making us feel like we're bad and wrong for being a certain way. A lot of the time, if this hatred is coming from other LGBT people of different orientations, this comes as a demonization of masculinity. Like, transmasc people are "ruining" themselves by transitioning and becoming more masculine, transfem people have to be feminine or else, butch lesbians are seen as too masculine, bi/pan people who like men are expected to make jokes about how of course they don't like mostly men, gay men are demonized for this attraction to masculinity. I know I'm probably glossing over a lot of complicated things and acting like it comes from one place, even though all these different forms of oppression are way more than just "oh people say men suck too much" (which, I do believe that people, especially people who aren't attracted to men, should be able to say that) but I really do think that we need to be kinder to ourselves and others for being masculine or loving masculine people.